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Группы - Silent Civilian

Jonny Santos-Vocals and guitars
Tim Mankowski-Guitar
Chris Mora-Drums


People of the world, here is Silent Civilians. The latest effort from guitarist/vocalist Jonny Santos, formerly of the Grammy nominated (Spineshank), Silent Civilians promises a breath of fresh air in the stagnant world of heavy music.

After his departure from Spineshank in late 2003, after 6 years of making records and endless touring, Jonny took a much-needed rest. The unforgiving machine that is the music industry had left a bitter taste in his mouth, and he was in no hurry to go back. Eventually he eased back into music, getting his feet wet jamming with friends in under the radar bands, bands that allowed him to have fun playing music again.

Ultimately, the idea surfaced of starting a project with a rekindled passion for heavy, dirty, straight in your face metal. His high school friend Ryan Ready, formerly of LA's Daijoubu, was first to share this vision.
As Santos right hand man on guitar, Ryan "has a very unusual way of determining how he wants you to perceive his playing", says Santos." I have never known a guitar player like him and doubt I would ever run into another guitar player with as much creativity and talent that Ryan has in his huge heart".

Together the duo began the arduous task of solidifying the lineup of what would eventually find life as Silent Civilians. After hundreds of submissions and several auditions, the duo decided on Chris Mora formerly of "The Burning Tree Project" to handle the drums. A 12 year drumming veteran at the tender age of 22, Santos holds his playing in high regard." Chris is by far one of the most amazing drummers I have ever had the pleasure of playing with and has a good head on his shoulders as well".

The final cog in the SC machine would come in the form of bassist "Henno" formerly of Australian export Cryogenic. A longtime friend of Santos', the pair had lost touch several months prior, only to be reunited when Chris answered Henno's ad in the LA Weekly looking for a band. Quickly, Henno and Santos were on the phone discussing the possibilities. Shortly thereafter the die was cast, and the lineup solidified with his 15 years of bass playing experience and an amazing work ethic.

With a full band in place and a determination to write crushing music, SC wasted no time, immersing themselves immediately in the writing process. Soon it was obvious to everyone that the Civilians would quickly set themselves apart from the members' previous projects. Although musically treading on very different ground, the biggest deviation this time around is the message. Where members past projects had been focused on themes of self-loathing and emotional insecurity, Silent Civilians are building a platform of positivity.

"We live in a world that is in serious trouble" says Santos "We need to start making a positive difference in the lives of our children and our brothers and sisters in the world. Too many people aren't speaking out against issues that directly affect them. They have a voice, but don't think that it makes a difference. They need to know that it does."

Not claiming to be a highly political band such as RATM or SOAD, Silent Civilians feel they need to address other issues of living as well as politics, such as education, disease, human rights, animal rights, and emotional stability in the minds of our youth.

"We just got sick of the cliches of artists using their influence in ways that feed depression, including myself in my days of Spineshank. Not that I have any regrets, but i could get carried away lyrically on the self loathing side of things", says Santos."I don't want to do that anymore".

And although a buzz is quickly growing, this is not a band that should be taken lightly or mistaken for the next big corporate thing. The music is nothing short of brutal crushing energy. Intense melodies mixed with ferocious growls and a dual guitar assault backed up by low end mayhem. This is not a conventional modern rock band, nor do they claim to be.

Instead of seeking out a major label, this renewed DIY ethos led the band to an alliance with up and coming independent powerhouse, Corporate Punishment Records, allowing them ultimate creativity without pressure to write "hits".

Santos says, "I just don't want some suit in New York pressuring me to write radio hits. That's not what this band is about. I want to make music I like and have fun doing it, without worrying about the dollar signs."

Silent Civilians is slated to enter the studio in Spring to start working on their yet untitled debut, due out in September. At the helm will be ex-Machine Head/Soulfly guitarist Logan Mader and co-producers Thom Hazaert (Switched, Chimaira) and Santos himself. The world is about to witness a band whose music and message will be challenged by few, and matched by none.

We have not even begun to comprehend what this band is capable of and before long: we will be forced to understand it.

Posted by corporatepunishment.com
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