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Группы - Shenoah

Rob Montague - Vocals
Vince DiFranco - Second Guitar
Ben Hollowell - Bass Guitar
Jason Hager - Lead Guitar
Matt Danko - Drums


When one has a vision to create something in a way that no one else has, they definitely have a large task at hand. In a day and age where the majority of bands focus their attention on writing a handful of songs to fill up a CD with the hopes of having a "hit single" on their hands, Cleveland, Ohio's Shenoah take a slightly different approach.
Founded in the spring of 2003 by former Chimaira guitarist/co-founder Jason Hager, SHENOAH is the result of years of depression, constant letdowns and questioning one's own self worth. In Cherokee the word Shenoah means "white dove." Over the years the dove has been seen as a symbol of peace. Whether inner peace or peace among fellow man, just as we think we've found it we find "true" peace is never found.
Hager chose the name SHENOAH because it is his step-daughter's middle name and he wanted every aspect of this band to be deep and personal. He found the exact same passion and conviction towards the music that he had in former Erase The Grey (Republic/Universal Records) guitarist Vince DiFranco, former Ringworm (Victory Records) bassist Ben Hollowell, former Chaos Swings (formerly Mad At Gravity, Artist Direct Records) vocalist Rob Montague and drummer Matt Danko.
As for SHENOAH'S sound, They wanted their songs to be as moody as the individuals in the band. They want to cover a very broad spectrum of their genre. This is very apparent on the band's Corporate Punishment Record's debut "Bleeding In The Red." From the up beat songs "Ashes To Ashes and Telephone Bruises" to the brutal "Bullets And Numbers" and "Scent Of A Dead Rose," SHENOAH prove their ability to jump from one extreme to another without missing a single beat.
We live in a time where band's fall prey to dollar signs and sacrifice integrity for the almighty radio hit. SHENOAH plan to make their mark and put a brand new scar on the face music as well as society itself. They have set their minds on creating something on their own terms without worrying if certain songs are too soft or too heavy, to create an artistic expression of themselves, to create music and to not bend on their creative integrity for anyone regardless of the outcome. Rise or fall, in the end SHENOAH will be able to say "We did it our way."
With one listen you will realize that SHENOAH have tapped deep in to themselves and created something that is real that everyone can relate to on a personal level, something that can't be denied the respect it deserves. Soon everyone who hear's SHENOAH will know that this is the "Age Of The White Dove."
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