Группы - Rikets

Scott Rose (vocals)
Bradley Kochmit (guitar)
Ken Obloy (guitar)
Josh Jansen (bass)
Matt Haze (programming)

Official site:www.rikets.com

Rikets Rick"ets, n. pl. [Of uncertain origin; but cf. AS. wrigian to bend, D. wrikken to shake, E. wriggle.] (Med.) [1a] A deficiency disease resulting from a lack of vitamin D or calcium and from insufficient exposure to sunlight, characterized by defective bone growth and occurring chiefly in children. [1b] A disease which affects children, and which is characterized by a bulky head, crooked spine and limbs, depressed ribs, enlarged and spongy articular epiphyses, tumid abdomen, and short stature, together with clear and often premature mental faculties. The essential cause of the disease appears to be the nondeposition of earthy salts in the osteoid tissues. Children afflicted with this malady stand and walk unsteadily. [2] Heavy inflammation of the vertebral column. [3] Bent music from 6 guys from Ohio.
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