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Группы - Professional Murder Music

Roman Marisak- vocals, guitar
Jeff Schartoff- bass
Tom Hatziemanouel- guitar
Chris Olivas- drums



In the late 90's Roman Marisak and Jeff Schartoff -formerly of the LA rock act Human Waste Project (Marisak a frequent guitar player for HWP) came together to form something that would inspire emotion in a genre that was long overdue for inspiration of any kind. With Schartoff's gift as an artisan of storytelling, Marisak being the omniscient composer and equipped with drummer Justin Bennett, and guitarist Brian Harrah- Professional Murder Music was formed merely as a medium to express it all. What prevailed only proved that PMM were compelling, craftsman of their trade- a self-titled debut on Geffen Records. Geffen spared no expense perfecting their craft by pairing PMM up with renowned rock producer Josh Abraham (KORN, Staind) and inviting such guests as Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy) and Troy Van Leeuwen (A Perfect Circle) to assist with the record. With this major release, PMM was put on the road to support it with like-minded acts as Marilyn Manson, Staind, Cold, Powerman 5000 and Kid Rock. PMM also played to an onslaught of die-hard fans at the Tattoo the Earth Festival with the likes of Slipknot, Sevendust and Slayer. The video for their first single "Slow" went into rotation on MTV, MTV2 and MTVX and inspired MTV to use the song as a music bed for a behind the scenes bit on Eminem. "Slow" and The Cure remake "A Night Like This" were used on several soundtracks including Ginger Snaps, Valentine and the platinum selling End of Days.


So what does a band with somewhat of a prolific career do when they feel they've lost all creative control? They walk away from that major deal…. and try something new.

"…Transmission from deep in the void of a musical Vietnam", a journal entry from bassist Jeff Schartoff during this 2-year hiatus… "These days are strange indeed".

Some bands would have coward behind the shadows of such a dark period in ones career, but not these ingenious visionaries thus Looking Through was born, a sort of rebirth for the band.


Looking Through, PMM's most formative work yet, features 10 songs each with a specific message and a carefully mastered sound. Like their debut record, Looking Through features a few good friends such as Tommy Lee on drums on "Disconnect", Jason Miller of Godhead doing backing vocals on "Don't Stop" and Buzz McCoy of Thrill Kill Kult performing remix duties on "Something New".

" When you look into these eyes, do you think anything could stop me…I won't be a part of that mindless shit, I'm in this for real…I'm turning to something new," sings Marisak in the first single "Something New"; testimony of how the last two years have evolved for PMM.

In July 2003 PMM decided rather than going down the road of major label disaster again, the band would put out its own record leaving them with more control. PMM created Wormhole Records and signed with Martin Atkins' (Pigface, Ministry) Underground Inc. for distribution after Bennett befriended Atkins on a previous tour as a stand-in as the Thrill Kill Kult drummer. PMM will also feature Tom Hatziemanouel as the new guitar player replacing Brian Harrah.
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