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Группы - The Blank Theory

Nathan Leone - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Foderaro - Guitar
Matthew Leone - Bass Guitar
James Knight - Drums, Percussion
Shawn Currie - Keyboards, Programming


For Chicago's Blank Theory, the language of rock and roll - the crunch of an electric guitar, the ferocity of a pounded drum, the wail of the human voice - remains the essential medium to communicate in a fragmented world fraught with the dangers of modern life.

Identical twins Nathan and Matthew Leone were living in Italy when they realized it was time to give in to their relentless and unbridled passion for music. They rented guitars from a library in Florence and began teaching themselves to play. After delving into their instruments the two brothers who've done everything together since childhood thought the next logical step was to return home and set about building careers as musicians. One of their first calls upon arriving home in Chicago was to long time friend Michael Foderaro. A musical prodigy, Michael brought seasoned guitar work to the group. While Matthew gravitated toward playing the bass, Michael's membership sent Nathan front and center where he discovered it isn't so bad to be the lead singer of a rock band. James Knight, a casual acquaintance of Michael's with a reputation as a ferocious drummer was enlisted to complete the rhythm section. Though they played together as a four piece for a time, Nathan and Matthew's elementary school friend Shawn Currie was brought on board and the line-up was finally complete.

Four and a half years ago The Blank Theory played their first show at the underground performance space, The Cold Room. The group knew they were onto something when they began selling out regular appearances at Chicago's famed Cabaret Metro without a sniff of radio or label support. Based on their local success the group released Catalyst, a self produced collection of eight songs that set the foundation of The Blank Theory's sonic power. But ironically enough, for all the local praise heaped upon the upstarts, their eventual signing to Scratchie / New Line came about in a simple way. Nathan used to intern at Scratchie's Chicago headquarters. Scratchie, the brainchild of a collective that includes James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy), was formed in the mid-90's with the intention of bringing more of Chicago's local talent to the national level. When his time at Scratchie was over, Leone never mentioned his burgeoning talents but their return to the label, this time as artists, was the result of a continued friendship with the Scratchie staff. By the time they signed, Scratchie had a new partnership with New Line Records, a member of the Warner Music Group.

James and Adam immediately began collaborating with the group and the two signed on to produce their debut full length "Beyond the Calm of the Corridor." Recorded in New York at Adam's studio, the result is a collection of 13 crisp, powerful songs that carry the torch of other Chicago rockers while giving a nod to influences as vast as Black Sabbath, Ministry and Deftones. Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber), a founding father of hard rock and premier producer immediately jumped on board to mix the album at his L.A. studio. As demonstrated in songs like Addicted, Invisible, Martyr or their unique cover of Portishead's Sour Times, the album weaves aggression with introspection and raw emotion while tossing out hooks of arena-rock quality air guitar.

Right from the start, the record takes off with the white-hot tension and propulsive grooves of "In The Middle Of Nowhere", where aggressive guitar work melds sublimely with Leone's tortured vocals. From there, the record rips through the fierce confessional "Father's Eyes" and the mournful "Killing Me," to the truncated thrash of "Corporation." As a whole, the album seamlessly weaves together aggression with introspection and raw emotion.

"More than ever, rock music has a purpose," explains Matthew. "When we were kids I remember hearing Smashing Pumpkins or My Bloody Valentine and feeling as if my very emotions were being translated into music. There is a lot of gimmicky music out there, but rock music really has the power to take those angst-ridden emotions such as anger and frustration and transcend them - turning them into something cathartic and useful. With all the insanity in our present day world, we aim in our music to take the full range of emotions and issues - both personal and political - and turn them into something people can feel as their own and identify with."

On September 24th, "Beyond the Calm Of The Corridor" will enter the musical landscape and The Blank Theory, with their hearts on their sleeves, will remind us that rock music can be the best salve for the realities of the modern world.
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