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Группы - Skrape

Billy Keeton - vocals
Will Hunt - drums/vocals
Brian Milner - guitars/vocals
Pete Sison - bass
Randy Melser - guitar

Status:Disbanded in 2004

"If you can't fuck or fight to it, it's no good," proclaims Skrape drummer and band co-founder Will Hunt.

"That's the context for us. It's Ota have rhythm and an incredible groove you can shake your ass to." Up the Dose has all that and more. The band's second album for RCA finds the Orlando-based quintet in a different musical head space from when they released 2001's brutal yet melodic New Killer America--which pummeled active rock radio in the States with the singles "Waste" and "Isolated"-- and rose quickly to become the twelfth best-selling album in Japan. A festival in Japan, a gig in Korea with that country's most famous band, Seo Taiji, and a U.S. tour with Disturbed found Skrape playing for thousands of fanatical converts. Skrape songs also found their way into video games, including Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 and their album cover even won awards. Skrape also created their own video for "What You Say," performance intercut with Japanamation, subsequent to the clip for first single "Waste." Clearly a motivated bunch of musicians, Skrape also take life lessons to heart, as gleaned in the sentiments expressed on Up The Dose.

“Over the last few years there were a lot of highlights…and some lowlights," explains Hunt. "And it all has to do with where we are at right now, which is a great place." A 2001 tour with the Pantera, Slayer and Morbid Angel "gave us a lot of thick skin," Hunt says of the intense, aggro crowds they faced nightly. "We were like, 'if you don't like us, well good, here's another one!’" he laughs of Skrape's uncompromising performances and 'tude. Adds Keeton, “My experiences on tour with Phil Anselmo were life-changing to me as a musician, as a frontman and as a songwriter.”

The Pantera tour also weeded out any weak links in the band. So it was with a new guitarist (Randy Melser replacing axeman Mike Lynchard), a new management company and a renewed spirit that Skrape wrote and then recorded their sophomore effort with producer Jimbo Barton (Queensryche, Godsmack) in Miami, Los Angeles and Orlando. "We wanted old school,” said Hunt. “We are big fans of how Jimbo's records sounded; sonically, they hold up." Barton also developed a strong bond with Keeton during the recording process. “He was able to bring my vocal performance up to another level entirely. He and I just clicked. Jimbo created a atmosphere that allowed me to explode vocally.”

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