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Группы - Story of the Year

Dan Marsala - Vocals
Ryan Philips - Guitar
Philip Sneed - Guitar
Adam Russel - Bass
Josh Wills - Drums


Story of the Year from St Louis, MO, have become Midwest musical sensations since the release of their debut album Page Avenue over a year ago. The band’s hyper dynamic live shows and straightforward approach to living their musical dream has earned them punk rock accolades and near platinum certification of Page Avenue. That’s a tough double feat! Now, more than a year and a half of living on the road and performing their music with only the audience’s enjoyment in mind, the guys have decided to give a little back to their fans in appreciation of all that they have done for them.

Story Of The Year officially announces Live In The Lou / Bassassins, a jam-packed musical CD+DVD to be released by Maverick Records on May 10. Live In The Lou features live performances from two November 2004 concerts in the band’s hometown of St. Louis. All the visual excitement of a Story Of The Year show is captured on the DVD portion, while the audio from the performances is available on a separate CD (included with the package). The DVD expands further with the breakthrough videos for “Until The Day I Die,” “Anthem Of Our Dying Day” (directed by Linkin Park’s Mr. Hahn), and “Sidewalks.” Also included is the band’s “AOL Sessions” performance plus (drum roll….) Bassassins. Quite the package, and one that “will rip your goddamn face off!” says bassist Adam Russell.

The Bassasins, portion of the DVD was produced by Lucas Skullberg and Agent Nose, and documents life on the road as Story Of The Year has lived it over the past two years. It’s quite revealing according to Story Of The Year guitarist Ryan Phillips, “This Bassassins release is not only bad-sassian ass, it will really lets our fans see our personalities shine through.”

Comprised of Dan Marsala (vocals), Ryan Phillips, Phillip Sneed (guitars), Adam Russell (bass) and Josh Wills (drums), Story Of The Year will be entering the studio on March 26th to begin work on their second album. Recording in their hometown of St. Louis for the first time with producer Steve Evetts (The Cure, Hatebreed, Saves The Day, Dillinger Escape Plan, Senses Fail), look for the as-yet untitled opus before the end of the year.
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