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Группы - Medication

Whitfield Crane (vocals);
Logan Mader (guitar);
Kyle Sanders (bass);
Roy Mayorga (drums)


Guitarist Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head) left Soulfly in January 1999. He recorded a 3-track demo and asked Whitfield Crane (ex-Ugly Kid Joe), who had just left Life Of Agony, to sing a song on it. In May 1999, Crane officially joined Mader's band, together with guitarist Blunt (ex-Adayinthelife). Bassist Robert Trujillo (Ozzy Osbourne, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves) was asked to come over to lend the band a bass to lay down tracks on the music they were writing, but when he heard some of the songs, he wanted to join the band. Temporary drummer was Brooks Wackerman (Suicidal Tendencies), but when Roy Mayorga suddenly left Soulfly in the summer of 1999, he joined the yet un-named band.

The LA based band played their first low-key gig in November 1999, under the tentative name Pale Demons. The show attracted a couple of hundred of their friends. Early 2000 they changed their name to Medication (Mader: 'Music is my life, music is my medication.'), and played their second show in the Whisky, LA on January 10.

Mader describes the music that Medication plays as 'hard hitting from start to finish and very dynamic and hypnotic through to the end. It's really heavy.' Songs include Clouded, Something New, Underwater, I Am The Same, Chosen, Number 8 and Xanax. All songs are really heavy and Whit Crane sings with amazing melodies.
In April 2000, Roy Mayorga and Robert Trujillo left Medication to play on the Ozzfest with Ozzy Osbourne's band. However, when drummer Roy Mayorga was ejected from that band without reason, he immediately returned to Medication. Trujillo played on and off, but finally decided not to join Medication.

In July 2000 the band recorded some more songs with Black Sabbath producer Bob Marlette, but it took until April 2001 before the band got management and booking, that had them play several gigs in LA. At the time, a full length album had been recorded, but they were waiting for a record deal to give them funding to mix the album or rerecord it. In September 2001, when Kyle Sanders joined the band on bass, they announced the release of a 5-track EP, and booked their first overseas tour in the UK for November.
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