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Группы - A Dozen Furies

Bucky Garrett - Vocals
Keith Reber - Bass
Joey Turner - Guitars
Marc Serrano - Guitars
Mike Miller - Drums


If you feel as if you haven’t really done much with your life the past year, don’t look to the guys in A Dozen Furies to help make you feel better. In just under a full year’s time, the Dallas-based metal outfit has landed side-by-side with some of metal’s most popular contemporary acts (including Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Sworn Enemy, 18Visions, As I Lay Dying, and The Bled), put together a 5-song EP Rip the Stars Down, sold over a 3,000 copies of said EP, and made enough money on tour in Texas and the Midwest/east coast to support another stint on the road. Not too bad for five guys who finalized their line-up only last November.

In addition to the welcome successes they’ve encountered, A Dozen Furies has also managed to land a spot on an MTV reality show, “Battle for Ozzfest” starring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, which is aimed at promoting unsigned bands. The 12-week show began airing October 25th. New episodes of the reality series run every Monday, with re-runs shown throughout the rest of the week. A Dozen Furies is also adding to their popularity on the new music Web site, purevolume.com, where they are currently being played over 1,500 times daily. The future looks just as busy and productive for the band, as they plan to wind up their successful 2004 by touring their home state, all the while writing material for their next highly anticipated studio effort
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