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Группы - Lifer

Nick Coyle (vocals); Aaron Fink (guitar); Mark James (bass); Chris Lightcap (drums, percussion);


Coming from the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area, the band formed in the spring of 1999, adding DJ Worm five months later. The band became Strangers With Candy, a name suggested by "some girl from a party". As Strangers With Candy, the band performed in local bars, playing cover songs as well as originals. During this time, MTV was looking for coverbands for their new contest, the "Ultimate Cover Band Battle". A guy from a local bar knew about this contest, and suggested that the band give it a shot. He videotaped a performance of the band and sent it in. They were chosen to be on the show.

On the show, they performed three 45 second songs: "Guerilla Radio", "Take on Me", and "Jump Around". The band received perfect scores throughout the show for each. They took home the grand prize after their perfect performance of "Nookie" . MTV's cover band battle was a milestone for the five guys..changing their lives in a way they never though possible.

Soon after the show was aired, the band received numerous requests from record labels as well as tons of fan mail from fans everywhere. Later on, the band set to work on their first CD. It included 7 of their original songs, and it was called No Need. That CD sold really well. A few months after the release of the CD, the band was signed to Universal Records. They were told that they had to change their name due to the show on Comedy Central. They then decided to change their name to Driver. However, that name didn't last long either. A band with the same name complained after seeing them on a CD, "Take A Bite Outta Rhyme". The band had to change their name yet again..this time..they changed it to Lifer.
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