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Группы - Depswa

Jeremy Penick-Vocals/Guitar
Dan Noonan-Guitar
Ryan Burchfeild-Bass
Gordon Heckaman-Drums


The name “Depswa” (dep·swa) in itself reflects this band's penchant for creating meaningful and touching music. In Swahili, “Depswa” is a term that means “deep behind the moon.” On the other side of the world, deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, the aboriginal tribes use it as a term to signify the "medicine man" or "healer." “We’d like to think that our songs hit a little deep and have some kind of an effect on the people listening…” says Guitarist Dan Noonan, “The word 'Depswa' describes our music in that it is deep, sort-of spiritual and definitely full of emotions. We hope that people can relate it in one way or another and it will affect their lives in a positive way.”

Depswa has been an entity in one incarnation or another for over 10 years now, but the name wasn’t changed to Depswa until late 1999. So, Depswa is essentially 6 years old, although members have been playing together for longer that that in earlier manifestations.

Depswa's debut album through Geffen Records, "Two Angels and a Dream" hit stores June 3rd, 2003 and was produced by Howard Benson (P.O.D., Papa Roach, Cold, Hoobastank).

Depswa have numerous national tours under their belt with bands such as Mudvayne, Cold, Evanescence, and Trust Company in additon they were a part of the infamous "second stage" on Ozzfest 2003.

Currently, Depswa are back home in L.A. writing, recording and producing their next album in their studio in Sun Valley, CA. "We know that the first album is the one that you spend most of your life making, but the second album is the one that tests a bands longevity." says Dan. "The next album will definitely follow our ideals of keeping true to our emotions, but I think we're going to even push the boundaries a little further!" Depswa are working closely with co-producer Rob Hill who has done past work with Cypress Hill, Everlast, Korn, Queen, The Cars, etc. To date, Depswa have recorded the music to 23 exceptional songs and are a little over 2/3 completed with vocals. Outside parties are contributing to the sampling, loops, and string arrangements.
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