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Группы - Die My Darling

Sean D - вокал
F. G. Reiche - бас


2000 - Sleep (EP)
2002 - Virulent (LP) Trisol Records
2004 - Needle's Eye ( Single)

Envisioned and brought forth in May 0f 2000, DIE MY DARLING was formed by vocalist Sean D. and bassist, engineer and producer F. G. Reiche. Fusing elements of Gothic, Industrial, trance-hop and rock, DMD has been described as "bitter, sexy and hard-hitting" (STARVOX) and "seductively explosive" (OUTBURN MAGAZINE).

Created solely as an avenue for experimentation, DMDs' self released Ep SLEEP nonetheless quickly garnered the public's interest, as well as that of Europe's foremost alternative label Trisol Music Group, who quickly signed them to their roster. Recording throughout the fall of 2001, DMDs' debut disc VIRULENT was released under Trisol's wings on February 15, 2002.

Mastered by Tom Baker (NIN and Marilyn Manson), VIRULENT features club favorites 'Sleep' and 'Just Defy My Love', as well as ten new tracks, including 'God Has Stopped Speaking' and 'Waiting For Dawn'. 'Pain', the albums' first single, entered the German Alternative Charts (DAC) with a bullet upon its release, remaining in the Top 20 for weeks.

Featured prominently in such European magazines as ZILLO, ORKUS and SONIC SEDUCER, DMD have infected the American press as well, with coverage in publications ranging from SIDE LINE, MARQUIS and GOTHIC BEAUTY. Spun heavily in alternative clubs worldwide, GOTHICRADIO.COM was the first to break the band, with station manager Jack Dean emoting that "...these progenitors of what I will term 'Darkened Intellectual Prose' fill an abyss the size of purgatory. These songs sound like they want to do you harm."

DMDs' live performances have only served to increase this momentum. "Sean's stage presence, a patented rockstar nonchalance that is practically his trademark, possesses an immediacy and sincerity that is a breath of fresh air."(GOTHIC BEAUTY)

DMD's latest single 'Needle's Eye' was released May 3rd, 2004, and appears within the Activision game VAMPIRE: BLOODLINES, as well as on the accompanying soundtrack CD (release date, November 16th, 2004

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