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Группы - Vayden

Curtis Casey - Vocals

Bruce Weitz - Drums

Bill Delrieu - Bass

Rob Robbins - Guitar


4 musicians from all parts of the globe brought together, as fate would have it, to write timeless and significant music. While other bands write about what they have accomplished in the short time that they have been together Vayden knows that a true accomplishment is to stand the test of time. By teaming up with legendary and cutting edge Producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, MEGADETH, LAGWAGON, etc) Vayden is gearing up to go into the studio and record an LP that will do just that.

"It is uncanny to think about the series of events that brought us all together as a band." says Curtis Casey. (Vocalist) "This is the type of band that I always dreamed about being in. Our drummer (Bruce Weitz) can do anything that is rhythmically possible with two wooden sticks. His mind is trained to be an elegant killer on his custom TJS kit. Our Guitarist (Rob Robbins) can create moods as natural as rain then slash into any complexity of notes at lightning speeds. It's a level of skill that was almost entirely lost in the hostile grunge/punk take over of 93 and is still very rare to this day. Then to top it all off our bass player (Bill Delrieu) has the ability to command his bass so honestly that it commands the crowd to in turn command him what to do on his bass. It's a beautiful circle that is very hard to comprehend. Needless to say I feel like the luckiest kid in the world to be able to be behind the wheel driving this musical reverie."

The band just finished recording their debut album as Vayden "Children of our Mistakes" with Legendary and Cutting edge producer Ryan Green. (NOFX, Lagwagon, Megadeth) "The planets aligned right for us to meet Ryan, he saw us, he dug us, and offered to help us out. It was a no brainer for us cause he was just so cool with the band not to mention his abilities to get the best sound out of whoever he is working with. We were completely stoked to work with him and now we love what he did with our songs. " -Vayden "Children of Our Mistakes" the debut Album from Vayden is available now at any Zia record store and online when you click the buy our album banner.
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