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Группы - The Buzzhorn

Bert Zweber - guitars
Ryan Mueller - vocals
Todd Joseph - bass
Rob Bueno - drums

Official site:www.thebuzzhorn.com

While many young, unsigned acts like to boast about their spot on the local food chain, or brag about getting a nibble of feedback from a friend of a friend in Los Angeles who heard their demo, The Buzzhorn boys were different.

Unfazed by smatterings of industry interest over their self-released debut, 1998's "A Complete Package of Action-Packed Tragedies," and the possibility of flying to L.A. to do a label showcase, the four twentysomethings were realistic, methodical and intent on succeeding.

"The band is a full-time job. After an eight-hour day, you put in 10 more hours on this," Joseph said back then as he laid out the band's long-term plan to break into the major leagues.

"We've had many band discussions about patience being a virtue," Bueno added.

Patience and professionalism - plus a ton of talent - have paid off for the foursome.

"Disconnected," The Buzzhorn's debut album on Atlantic, arrives in stores around the nation on Tuesday. More than 80 radio stations across the country are already spinning the album's first single, "Ordinary."

But aside from the luxury of quitting their day jobs, little has changed for The Buzzhorn since inking the deal with Atlantic in early 2001.

Building buzz

The "no slacking" work ethic is still The Buzzhorn's core. Earning the phrase "major label act" may be the culmination of one dream for the band - but it's also the start of a new business strategy, a new long-term plan.

The Buzzhorn spent much of this spring crisscrossing the country playing clubs and opening for acts such as Rob Zombie and Monster Magnet.

After a brief stop home to headline the Rock Stage at Summerfest, the quartet is back on the road, hauling its own gear in its rented SUV - "we have zero roadies" said Joseph - doing acoustic sets at various radio stations to build buzz for "Disconnected."

"We hop out at a radio station, play two songs and hop back into the car and drive to the next place, said Mueller, chatting from a gas station somewhere in Alabama in late July.

"Yesterday we drove 14 hours from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Biloxi, Mississippi. Now we're on the way to Huntsville, like, seven and a half hours away."
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