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Группы - StePA

Blake Beckmann (vocals);
Shane Swaney (guitar, background vocals);
Brendan Oates (guitar);
Chaz Kindschi (keyboards, DJ);
Jessie Krapff (bass);
Mark Thorley (drums).

Official Site:www.stepamusic.com
Status:Disbanded in 2004

Stepa is an talented and energetic new band from LA. The bands debut cd offers the listener something a little different from the rest of the alt-rock world. Not only does Stepa have a frontman that can actually sing (Blake Beckmann), but they also bring some very catchy guitar riffs and a DJ (Chaz Kindschi) that does more than just scratching. He adds some very nice background effects to a lot of the songs. The cd was produced by Jay Baumgardner (Hoobastank, Papa Roach). Stepa has a sound that is very much like the rest of the bands that Baumgardner has produced, but they add many elements to the music that gives them a sound all their own. Overall the cd is very well put together, but the only negative thing I have to say about the band is that the lyrical content of the album is pretty weak. Even with that one negative, the cd still serves up many positives. The first track off the cd is also the first single. "Aquarium" is a very catchy song. You will have it stuck in your head for days. With no video support and little radio play, this song has helped them gain many new fans. The next single is going to be "Spaceships And Airplanes". With the release of the second single, expect a video to be shot and airing shortly. Also expect to hear more of Stepa on your local radio stations. With the combination of strong radio play and a successful video, Stepa should be on top of the alt/rock charts where they deserve to be!
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