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Группы - Faithdown

Justin Humes- vocals,
Anthony Chiarore- guitar,
Nick Chiarore- drums,
Paolo Debartolo- bass


What is Faithdown? It’s putting all your trust, hopes, and dreams upon yourself to achieve the ultimate goal. Which is also the driving force and integrity of the band. Faithdown is a four-piece melodic modern hard rock band with Justin on vocals, Anthony on guitar, Nick on drums and Paolo on bass. Formed in 2000, the guys have been putting their stamp of big hooks and hard-hitting songs to the test on the local club scene. Right now Faithdown is ready to bring it to the next level, and seem prepared to do anything and everything it takes. With their big music and down-to-earth attitude, it looks like nothing will stop them from getting there. “Put your faith down to guide the way…”
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