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Группы - GF93


Carlo Bellotti - Vocals
Fabba - Bass
Korea - Drums
Frank – Guitars

Official Site: gf93.com
Status: Active

Formed in 1996, and oriented from the beginning to the dark side of crossover and new metal inflences, GF93 produced 2 albums that can easily represent the band's history and evolution.

The band recored the first album "Beaten" after one year(1997) of production with Paolo Favati(Einsturzende Neubauten,Pankow,Dive).

The sound in the band's very first experience was totally influenced from the industrial metal movement, due to the production of Favati and the background of the musicians featured in the project. (Carlo Bellotti was singer and leader in Necromass (a black metal band),and Paolo Favati was a sort of electro-industrial guru.)

A very big fanbase was built in Italy thanks to the album's good sales and promotion, but the band was looking for more: the European market, an english production and more rock attitude.

After a short period of silence (due to the recording of some new songs) Gf93 signed a deal with Copro Records, a new but growing english label, to produce the second album. The label offered GF93 a good deal and, working with producer Dave Chang, the band were able to reach their wish of creating a new sound that is more oriented on heavy-Rock and hardcore sound.

In fact the second album recorded and produced in 1999 changed the band's future. More melodic songs and less electro/industrial sounds made GF93 a well known band, respected in Europe, big in Italy.

The band
-toured Italy with Earthtone9, UK with Misery Loves Company and Snub, again UK with Area 54,
-supported NOFX, Wasp, Ultraviolence, Swamp Terrorists and many more,
-Produced a Video for the song "Sleepless",
-Appeared on National Rock channels,
-Headlined Beach Bum festival's Tent Stage,
-appeared on many magazines,cd compilation,webstites....

But this still wasn't enough. After GF93 came back from the last UK tour a lot of things changed. 3 of the members left the band, giving space to a new drummer KOREA and a new bass player Fabba.

When Fabba joined, the band started building a new rehearshal room to reach a precise sound, with the help of a new equipment, new ideas, new religion and new goals. The sound changed with the line up, also the band's goal is now different. The guitar and bass sound is deeper, thicker and heavier and the grooves and vocals are obsessed, melodic and violent.

A sort of possession entered the band that went in the studio without coming out for 2 years.

The band called the new style 'CONVULSE MUSIC'.
The title is 'CONVULSE ALL-STAR'.

Everything about this album is the very human limit. In the mind, in the body and in the soul.
Melody is true, violence is real.

Ready to come back WITH THE NEW ALBUM "Convulse All-Star", GF93 are now TRUE.
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